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written by alan on May 12, 2003

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Molly posted an excellent entry in her journal. She referenced an article on one person's struggle with love. Below, i shall include my response (cross-posted in molly's journal).


This partially restores my faith in the love process...but only to a degree. I'm far too skeptical, and have been hurt wayyy too much to simply accept love's existance at face value. I do, however, have a couple of comments about the above...

(1) I've been to Ann Arbor...1.5 hour drive from here :) (just another useless fact)

(2) It occurred to me that these particular people were very much alike. Both loving to argue, etc. The saying 'opposites attract' popped in my head also. So it now appears to me that people both alike and completely different can fall in love...and make it last. This provokes the thought of whether I'm the type to look for similarities or differences? Do I bode well for someone of a similar disposition, or am I in line for someone totally not of my 'world'? Interesting, n'est pas?

(3) While I do agree with this person's interpretation of movies and media depicting love to be something it's not, i'd like to see him (or someone) take it a step further and try to introduce media that _really_ gives a look at what love entails. This is truly the area where realizm needs to step forward and dominate. Love can no longer be portrayed in its fantasy state. It can also no longer be protrayed in a protective light either. I say 'protective' because in a certain point of view, the media could be seen as protecting us from the harsh realities. (I have similar comments about religion...but that's a circular argument in itself ;)

just some food for thought :)


Jenn also posted an interesting piece in her journal. A quicker link is here.

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