from the what-a-vacation-should-be department.
written by alan on September 04, 2006

Today was nice. Just laid back and relaxing. It's what at least part of a vacation should be, no? I got a decent night's sleep, although I must have slept wrong as my right shoulder gave me a bit of trouble.

Maybe its me, but it seems like Amber was a little moody today. Chalk it up to the gender, perhaps. I'm curious as to what she really thinks of me. Of course, I could simply be reading into things too much again. I'm kinda tired of doing that. I should just stop.

I don;t really fit in here. Its a different world, a different culture. The standards aren't the same as they are back home. I'm not saying they're better or worse, just different. I'm sure I thought it was a culture shock the last couple times I was here. Most of the time, the people are as friendly as I can expect back home. I found that out the first time I was here. Also, since I met Mika I haven't talked to Molly much. I drifted away. I hope not too far. I remember we used to chat quite a bit. Slowly, I'm learning more and more about what went on after we stopped talking. Also, I'm learning about how things happened between Molly and Amber. It's actually a nice story. Not surprising in the that I know.

Oy, i'm getting old. It's only midnight and i'm pretty tired. These guys routinely stay up till the wee hours of the morning. Not sure what they do, but they're definitely night owls. Some days I wish i could do that more often. Not sure what I'd do, though. Probably the same thing I do now. Mix music and possibly program. Maybe just surf random sites.

There's something about my current mindset that I've begin to explore since I've been here. Unfortunately, i'll have to write about it tomorrow as I'm afraid my thoughts won;t be quite coherent. :)

Until then.

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