from the R-O-L-A-I-D-S department.
written by alan on August 30, 2002

Music: Cass & Slide - Spanker / DKMA - Dub Bang

I feel so much better after this morning. I kicked the ass of my cert test which brings the count up to 5 microsoft tests completed. After that little victory, i proceeded to work for a while. My boss, being a little hung over from the previous night's festivities, was generally understanding of my recent situation and proceeded to give me the lowdown on today's task. After completing it to his liking, we discussed a couple more corporate ideas and then i went home. So now i'm left with only a few things left to do today. Rest, eat, and mix. :)

As much as i don;t want to keep thinking about this, i find myself still wanting to read jenn's journal just to see how she's holding up in her little world. So, i've been keeping up. Of course, i have no need to talk to her myself, but she's more than welcome to talk to me....its not like i'm shunning her or anything. Personally, I have nothing to talk about. Like i said earlier, i'm still all for coming down to visit. I did make that promise...and far be it for me to sink lower and break it...oh no, we couldn;t do that. But i digress...

My weight continues to go down, which i'm very happy about. I actually feel a bit thinner, which is certainly a comfort since i haven;t lost much this summer. Once i get it to a decent level it'll be time to get a new wardrobe to show it off :) I know thats being shallow, but its hard to resist showing everyone that i can also be physically attractive just like everyone else. Enough for now...

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