from the touching-base department.
written by alan on November 10, 2002

Music: Chris Leibing - Stigmata 9/10

Nothing much to report. The little date thingie that was arranged for justin a couple days ago went well. My new contract starts tomorrow, and as a side note to that, they've confirmed that i can in fact take a week off to go visit molly and see the wedding. :) My mom's now gotten into helping me plan my little trip down south. She expressed concerns that i'd be bored outta my mind once the wedding was over...and it may happen. Luckily, since i'm driving i can just pack up and start home at any time. Its going to take me 2 days to make the journey, but it'll be worth it. Even if all I do is see the'll still be a good time :)

I do hope, however, that jenn and anybody else that I may meet there will want to get together and do stuff during that time. It'd be a pretty dull vacation without that (with the exception being the wedding). On another note, i should see some results of my posting an ad to a couple "personals" sites. Two of them are commercial, however, so they may not yield much...but the third is free and might bring in some interesting people. I may even put a small ad in the local paper...there's a personals section there as well which may get me results even quicker. Heh...even gettig one result will impress me. Thats not too much to ask for, now is it? ;)

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