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written by alan on March 21, 2003

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*sigh* What a week. Many things happening home and abroad. Family squabbles were rampant in the past few days...mostly littered with the shortcomings of teen angst. Draw your own conclusions about that one. Some high and low points at work...the lowest being just before I left today when my boss ripped my head off. Oh yes...i've been decapitated. I make one little mistake of not being in the office for 10 minutes (while getting lunch), and i have to sit and listen to an earful about it. Bleh. My bosses need to listen to themselves a little more. Unfortunately, their ears are clogged with dollar bills. How sad.

Friends are having high times and low as well. Its like all things really. This week could prolly be compared to one nice sine wave. Beautifully periodic in nature. Closer friends are having even higher highs and lower lows. I sympathize with the low isn't the best time to be low. It's safe to say that world morale is dipping down. I offer a biiiiiiiig hug to anyone who needs it. Sometimes it helps.

Right now, no one needs more help that those people on the other size of the planet. Their leaders need help to clear their heads...and their people need help to cope until that happens. The leaders at home need the same thing. I'll save my political views for another entry, however. I'm sure you've all seen and heard enough about it at this point.

My site is still under immense construction. The journal portion has yet to be ported to the new'll happen soon. I've got it on me list :) And on an unrelated topic, i'm totally pumped about my summer. Molly & Nathan are coming up to visit (!!!) for a week, after which I will accompany them back down south where I will spend a week. Hopefully I'll meet up with Jenn again, as well as all the people I met when I was there last. They were all so kind. I almost felt like I was home. :) Not all americans are bad...there _do_ exist those that make people like me feel quite welcome. I love 'em. Even those that have good intentions...somewhere inside them. I still love them too....that never changes.

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