Something New?
from the different-is-great department.
written by alan on August 30, 2003

Music: Gotan Project - Santa Maria

This past week has been quite interesting. Last night was especially good. I went on my first quasi-date with that special someone I referred to in my previous post. She, I, and a few others went to see American Wedding. This was my second time seeing it, so I was prepared for the worst...but the rest of them didn't have a clue about any of the American Pie series. Needless to say, everyone loved the film. What I experienced was something different, though. A little piece of young love that I'd only dreamt about in prior years...and I hope I can experience a little more of it. Sure, I could use this space to go on about how beautiful she is, or how kind, thoughtful, gentle, caring and charming she is, but I think that's best left for the personal touch. Don't you agree?

So today we had planned to meet up somewhere for a while. I think I'll take her to lunch...then maybe we'll take a stroll in the park or something. The longer the better :)

Some things at work are starting to send off red flags in my mind. There were some recent staffing changes that have got me just a little bit irked. Now, I'm not worried for my own job...there's no way they'll find someone to do what I've been doing in a short period of time. It's just that i'm seeing a focus shift in the company that might not be such a good thing. Only time will tell, i guess. :)


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