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written by alan on March 23, 2003

Music: Plaid - Ralome / Lovetronic - You Are Love / Blue Six - Love Yourself / Rokysopp - Remind Me

Heh. Spur-of-the-moment trips are interesting. The one I just finished up today ranks very high on the 'interesting' list. Yesterday afternoon I suddenly had the idea to take a trip down to Grand Rapids and visit Alex & Jake. Of course, silly me didn;t realize it wast 2.5 hr drive until I got on the road. I managed to drag Paul out with me as well. Both of us like to mix music as much as Alex and Jake, so why not, eh? We eventually got to Alex's new place...he had just moved to a new house a few weeks earlier with his dad and his siblings. We dragged my mixing equipment up to his room and set up for the evening.

All-in-all it was a blast. I experienced purchasing beer in an ordinary store. You just don't get to do that up here in Canada. Everything is controlled. But down there, you can even get alcohol in the freakin supermarket! The gas stations even stock beer!! Whats with that? I mean, other than being pretty damn convenient, its just really wierd. I just feel safer buying my alcohol in a controlled environment. There are people specifically trained to make sure you're of age, etc, etc. They keep the rifraff out and let the appropriate people purchase their vices. Plus, the selection at the LCBO can't be beat. They have something for everyone. The high-end vintages and spirits for the connaisseur, or your OE or Schlitz for those out to kill brain cells. Anyways, I was surprised to find a 6 pack of Foster's Lager at this one party store, so I purchased it. A truly excellent lager :)

We jammed until well after 2:00am. Mostly experimenting with different techniques, but we ended up streaming out our effors to our favourite IRC was liked by all :) I can't stress enough how much I love mixing music. Music is what you make of it...much like life. I use music to express my feelings...and I do it well. *points to the music currently playing* Thats how i feel right now...just incase you were wondering. Now all I need is to come across someone who does the same...that would be cool :)

More on this little excursion at a later date...

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