Summer In Spring
from the warm-sunny-days department.
written by alan on April 27, 2003

Music: Boards of Canada - Twoism (album)

*sigh* What a weekend. I managed to get out for a walk today...the first walk i've had in a few months. Amazingly my knee held up rather well. This means, of course, that I now have no excuse not to go walking every day. I also managed to get out and enjoy the most beautiful day I've seen so far this year. I don't doubt there will be more of them...and some of them may even be more beautiful than this...but for now this will certainly do :) I took a drive with Wes and Amy thru the parks and around town, stopped in for ice cream, and then for fries under the bridges. It was your run-of-the-mill summer day, except that it was still spring. Pretty groovy, if you ask me.

Back on that emotion kick I've been having...I watched the movie 'The Majestic' yesterday. I don't know why I didn't see it sooner. It was quite an excellent film. One man with an interesting life as a filmmaker runs into some trouble. His career suddenly goes careening overboard, along with his car eventually. He wakes up in a completely different world to the previous one...with amnesia. He is mistakenly given an identity and proceeds to live out another person's life for the sake of one little town. Eventually he remembers his true self and the myriad of people that grew to love him suddenly had hatred for him. He ultimately proved his worth by carrying his former life on with the same tenacity and good sense of the man he impersonated, thus winning back the respect of the little town. This movie was a tear-jerker for me as well as the ones I'd seen previously. I think i'm making good headway with this emotional trip...further exploration needed.

Something has started worrying me...I haven't seen the moon in a few days. If there's one thing that i've counted on consistently being there, it is the moon every night (except, of course, for the new moon period). In all the beauty of the night sky, there is nothing more amazing than the sight of that bright white sphere. There are only a couple people who really know what the moon means to me...and not seeing it makes me sad. I especially miss seeing the full moon on a clear night with that wonderous halo surrounding it. *sigh* Such beauty cannot be expressed in words. When I come across the perfect music to describe it, i'll let you all know :)

This week i think i'll start getting my vacation plans in order. Purchasing tickets, making reservations, etc, etc. This time I don't want to lose out by waiting until a couple weeks beforehand. I must see if alternate (read: cheaper) accomodations could be made. Not that the Hotel I stayed in last time was bad...far from it...I'd just rather something a little, well, closer to people. We shall see what turns up.

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