The Down-Lo
from the just-a-little-off department.
written by alan on December 12, 2002

Music: Bermuda Triangle - Mooger Fooger / Bedrock - Emerald / Olav Basoski - Hustla

Today I hath finished my Christmas shopping. I have also bought the Christmas cards, which I must send extremely soon in fear of them not reaching people in time for the 25th. I don't expect I'll receive as many cards as I did last year. At least not from one person in particular. I could be wrong tho...its not a new thing with me, apparently. :)

Today was rather boring at work. The bosses were on a field trip for the day, so the rest of us kinda took it easy. Since there was no one to crack the whip, we all worked at our own pace and passed the time our own way. I left a bit early, however. Having worked extra late the previous night, I felt I earned an early leave. Tomorrow promises to be a pretty good day tho. With my bosses back, they'll have some neat things for me to try out.

So my little depressive state has risen to near contentment again...i'm just staying below that line for a bit tho. Its kinda nice to be there too...just living in my own little emotional world for a while. It's rather relaxing, actually. I can just lie back and dream of what it would be like to get out of this crappy emotional state for good...or at least for a long time. *sigh* Ahh...that will be bliss :)

So, i'm reading the personals on a few sites (yahoo, lavalife, etc) and I notice a little trend. Women don't really describe what they truly want in a man. Most of them just say the same kinds of things. They want a kind, caring person who likes walks or romantic things. I think most guys want this...deep down anyways. I'm among them :) But, I want a woman that really puts effort into who she's looking for. Give a good description. Be indepth. Like, tell me what you're really into and what you'd like the guy to be into. Like music genres, or movie shows...some kind of common bond. If any of you were to come across one of my ads (yes, i've posted a couple), you'll see what I mean. I make sure to go indepth about the things I'm into, and what stuff i'd like to see in a potential companion. Now, this may be why I've gotten no bites thus far, but i'm going for a good first bite here. I don;t need to try a bit of everything...i know what i want...and i'm going for it :)

Tomorrow is Christmas card day...and vacation planning day. I've started more preparations for my flight down south. I've picked the flight dates, but I may end up shortening my stay by a day or two. We shall see. Something tells me it may not be in my best interests to stay longer than like 4 days. Although, if things warrant me staying longer, i'll regret not having done so. That decision will take a few days to make...i'll stew on it. 'Till next time...

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