The Knee
from the ouch-i-hurt-it-again department.
written by alan on April 14, 2003

Music: Gentle People - Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix) / dZihan & Kamien - Ford Transit / Hooverphonic - 2 Wicky

The show was AMAZING! Paul van Dyk did not disappoint. However, I did manage to disappoint myself that night. While I was dancing to the first track of the Opening DJ's set, I managed to make a wrong move and mess up my knee again. The same mess-up that happened to me a few years prior; although not in the same manner. My knee joint seperated for a couple seconds taking most of the cartilage with it. The skin is still intact, so it wasn't messy or anything...*shudders*...but it was painful. Needless to say, I had to sit out for the rest of the night, including PvD's set! I was rather angry and sad about that. But PvD managed to make that go away a bit...the few uplifting tracks he played helped immensely.

I have finally sold my old car. As sad as I am to see that thing go, I'm relieved that I now have a new(er) one that has way more capabilities. My stereo has been moved to it and i am enjoying the new sound. This summer will be excellent :) I'll be able to pump my dance-party-on-wheels around town with renewed confidence. I'm also really starting to get excited about visiting Molly and Jenn again. I loved it last time, and i'm gonna love it even more this time. None of that crappy pretense that I displayed previously will plague me. This time I go for the pure enjoyment of the people and the environment. Heck, I might even drive down! Only time will tell...

So, as I hobble myself around whilst my knee heals, I'll be concentrating on my music (another competition is fast approaching) and my new car. Oh, and work, and cleaning the garage, and finishing the website, and learning Japanese, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, yadda, yadda... :)

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