The Proverbial Lightbulb
from the eureka! department.
written by alan on January 23, 2003

Music: Solar Stone - Release / Fire & Ice - Souvenir de Chine (Shane 54 Rmx) / Pentatonik Anthology - Movements Pt.2 / Schiller mit Heppner - Dream of You (Free Schiller Mischung)

Well, I must say the events of the past week have given me way too much to think about. My little vacation was an overall success. Many personal bonds were formed and much information was obtained :) I have a few seperate things I'd like to talk about from that trip, so i'll split them all up into little commentaries over the coming days. But first, my overall, pure reactions...

Molly and Jennifer were everything I had expected and more! Truly, they are very good friends...and I shall never forget the good times we had. So much so that I'm planning on returning to visit in the summer months. I've already gotten the clearance for work to put in a vacation request. I may shoot for either mid July or late August/early September. This way, I hope to avoid Molly and Nathan's honeymoon in Hawaii...I do hope they enjoy that.

The first thing I can really say about the whole trip was that it was quite emotional. Moreso than I've ever experienced in my life up to this point. I actually had a good cry when I was there. It was a sad cry, mind you...but it kinda felt good after all was said and done. I've made such good friends with people that it was extremely hard to let them go. I was so close to just bursting out in tears when I bid Molly, Nathan, and Susan farewell. Molly says that she was as well...*sigh* i wish i was still there...they've all been so good to me :) I swear if Jenn was there to see me off, I would have cried for sure. Not simply because i like her quite a bit, but because of the kindness of them all.

The wedding was spectacular. Everyone was looking absolutely amazing...especially Jenn, whom I must say looked very beautiful. I'm glad she let me snap a picture of her in her bridesmaids dress...her smile will never cease to amaze me :) Molly looked fabulous...and always smiling, even though she was stressed to no end. That made me very happy to see. When someone shines thru the frey like she does, its a good thing. Nathan was a pretty cool guy. I mean, this guy was always upbeat...always ready to make someone laugh with his antics. He certainly found a keeper with Molly. I wish them both a happy life together...i know they'll enjoy it.

My only regret of the whole deal is that I didn;t spend more time with Jenn. My original intent was to sit down and really talk with her. Just listening to her voice makes me all smiles. I know she has much to say, but rarely says it...and I wanted to hear...more than anything. However, I did share something with her that I'll cherish for my entire life. Sometime during the reception, I went outside of the church for a little was getting pretty hot in there. I chanced to look up and saw the most amazing thing i've ever seen. There it was...the moon...a perfect circle in a clear sky, surrounded by a large, faded white halo. It almost looked like a giant eye staring back at me. I thought it was so beautiful that I had to get Jenn to see it. I knew she;d appreciate it on some I proceeded back in to let her know. We both ended up outside just staring at it for what seemed to me like hours. I thought it was quite romantic myself. I tried to snap a picture of it, but it didn't turn out at all. All I have is an image in my head. An image i won't soon forget.

I learned something new about emotion during those few days...some questions had been answered. Deep questions, mind you. Things that i've been asking myself for many years. Perhaps next time I venture down there I'll have more questions answered. Yes...that would be nice :)

The next topic for discussion: Airports. Until then :)

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