The Turning Point
from the which-way-now? department.
written by alan on August 27, 2002

Music: none...

So the time to move on once again has come. I'm glad on some level that things like this (being what i've been going thru the last little while) end somewhat quickly. Too much time wasted on uncertanty and emotion that never works out. It hurts every time i do end up moving on, but in the end its worth it. My concentration can go elsewhere and my emotion can subside. The hurt goes away. It may come back...correction, it _will_ come back, but for now its gone and other things may take place.

Apologies are due to a friend of mine whom i've thrust into this for no good reason. I know she had much going on, but i can never keep things like this to myself. I didn;t know that she wasn't at least slightly aware of how i felt, but now that I know, things can move forward. I'll still go to the wedding if i can. Distances will be kept, however. Nothing fancy. Just the fulfillment of an old promise. And it will be fulfilled...mark my words.

So i continue studying tonite for my test on friday. It should be a breeze. The material isn't hard at all (thanks ron!). And some solitude as well...i need time to get over this. Oh, it won't take too long. A day or two tops. I just need to get back into the normal swing of things.

until later.

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