The line must be drawn here
from the culmination department.
written by alan on August 29, 2002

Music: The Tragically Hip - Its a good life... / Coldplay - In My Place

Wow. i'm so damn tired of this shitty week. I'm hoping beyond all hope that everything will pass tomorrow (my test included). Today was right up there with the other shitty day i had this week. My offer for fulltime employment was rescinded...on mutual terms. In looking back, i know i shouldn;t have agreed to it, but i just wanted out of that situation. I so hate confrontations. I hate defending my points of view. Its as if i never think them out completely, and then when it comes time to voice them i get totally cowardly and never back anything up...i let whomever i'm arguing with win. Right now, i just want to rest. I've had enough.

Going to see the hip in detroit should be a good chance to relax a bit and enjoy something. Of course, i'll have to use the rest of the weekend to do my assignments and prepare job hunting materials. *sigh* There's never an end to work. Well, not for another two months. When school is finished, i should be more relaxed and able to handle a job as well as my free time. Also, by that time I hope to have lost more weight and started to be noticeably thinner to myself (not just others). This should make me happy. Lets hope.

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