The naked truth
from the the-price-you-pay department.
written by alan on September 21, 2002

Music: Interpol - pda / The Verve - Slide Away / Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

Well, my sister has really done it this time. I knew she'd do something like this sometime...but then again, she's really not that mature about her relationship anyhow. Apparently, after she told me she wouldn't be drinking a bar, using this miracle fake ID that she conjured up from one of her friends...she comes back home, drunk, and totally bawling her eyes out. Naturally, I ask what's wrong. The gist of it went like this: on the way back form the bar, she shared a cab (i think) with one of her guy friends. And being as drunk as she was, she proceeded to give this guy a quickie hand job in the back of this cab. Now, she informs me that this isn;t the first time this has happened. And, of course, her boyfriend wasn;t thrilled about it imagine what's gonna happen this time. So here she is, totally crying her eyes out because she thinks her boyfriend is going to dump her. Now, being the rigid guy i can be (sometimes), i'd dump her flat out if i were her boyfriend. Once i can live with, but twice? Nope. Not for me. If a relationship is going to be serious...especially as serious as she 'claims' theirs is....then there has to be faith and trust. If the trust is broken enough times, thats it.

Back to reality tho...i tried to calm her down by telling her that if they were as strong a couple as she leads me to think, then he should be able to overlook something like this. Its not the case - as far as i know - that she had sex with this other guy, but its certainly not something that one can just forget. There is a need here for some serious talking. Major communication. They need to evaluate where the relationship is going and how they are going to overcome problems like this. My sister knows what happens when she gets drunk. She knows this very well. Yet, she can never resist getting that way. She let it slip between her sobs that she maybe wanted to see what it was like to date around a bit...seeing as she didn;t get 'noticed' until after she started dating her current boyfriend. This reminds me of sean's former girlfriend. She was like this too...unsure of herself. She didn;t know what she wanted. And now it looks to me like my sister may be suffering the same fate. She (my sister) is going to hurt her boyfriend unless she can curb this desire of hers. There's not much more I can say to her though.

Why would I dump her if she were my girlfriend? I don;t like being hurt. Well, i doubt anyone _likes_ that...but i hate it especially. I've been hurt many times by many people, and it sickens me to see it happen again, and again in front of my face. And no amount of telling people my experiences will change that. Its just going to keep on. This is a very sad thing about life. But, then again a life without some kind of hurt isn;t a life. Or is it? Hopefully, she'll be able to think things thru a bit better in the morning when she sobers up. She's so afraid of losing him, but the hard truth is that she knew this beforehand. Still, if the relationship is as solid as was let on, then nothing much should come of this except a big chance to get some communication done. Things need to be talked about. And thats the key...communication. Relationships are nothing without it. So talk to each other. Talk to everyone...friends, family, etc. Speak your mind and work things out. Thats one of the things that makes life interesting ;)

Until later...

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