The stark reality
from the no-surprises-please department.
written by alan on September 22, 2002

Music: Coldplay - The Scientist / Shiver / Amon Tobin - Back From Space

I should have known this would happen. Less than 24 hours after my sister's little ordeal (descibed earlier), it looks like she's made up with her boyfriend (not physically, mind you) and is back to being the self-centered, immature person she always is when she's around him. Now, by 'around' i mean simply talking on the phone. I really hope she grows up. Its gonna be a shitty life if she doesn't. And i must admit that in some corner of my mine i really wanted her boyfriend to break up with her...just to teach her that life isn;t as frivolous as she's grown accustom to. Sure its better to do these things when you're young, but one does not need to lose all civility. There is a limit.

But enough of that. Just yesterday I finished setting up a mp3 streaming server at home. So now i'm gonna be able to do my mixes for all to hear. I'll most likely do a whole range of music at different times. Last night I did a cd-length set of chilled electronica. And people were just loving it! So, this is a good thing for me :) Hopefully I'll get even more positive repsonse from my music as that seems to be another of my best talents. Now if people would only switch to high-speed net so they could all listen! Analog modems won't cut it, unfortunately. Maybe i could cut down the quality of my stream? For a few select people, this is prolly a good choice.

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