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written by alan on February 09, 2003

Music: 2 Players - Signet (Leama & Moor Mix) / James Holden - I Have Put Out The Light / Solar Stone - Solarcoaster / Marillion - Face 1004 (Mark Mitchell Mix)

Time certainly does heal all wounds. My life is slowly getting back to the mundane-ness that I've grown accustom to. Basically just eating, working, coffee, and sleeping. At least this way I know what to expect. It may get boring from time-to-time, but I'm surrounded by good friends...and that has made all the difference :)

My WebCam has finally stabilized since the purchase of a new USB card. I've now decided to permanently leave it on. So you'll all know when i'm here and when i'm not. I know a couple of you have indulged your curiosity and taken a peek. I'd like to encourage everyone who passes by the take a look. It's the little glimpse into my world that I can offer.

As well, I have resumed work on the journal comment system. Soon(tm), you'll be able to respond to my writings right here on the site. Just below each entry will be a section for you to leave your thoughts. It can also be anonymous if you wish. I'd like to read what you all think of my ramblings, etc...and this looks like a good way to get some responses.

I'm happy to report that my weight has begun to drop again, and thusly I am happy. I'm hoping to get it down to a healthy level by September. Why September, you ask? Well apparently Susan and Molly have invited me to spend a week with them in Hawaii. (!!!) I'm so pumped to go there. It's gonna cost me a pretty penny...but its well worth it. I mean, how many times does one get to visit paradise? It promises to be a grand time. I fully intend to explore every inch of the island we're staying on. Also i'd like to experience a true beach sunrise and sunset. That will probably be a most amazing sight. Pretty close to that moon with the halo that Jenn and I saw when i flew down south last month. I'd like to do a little scuba diving while i'm there too...they must have some of the most beautiful reefs. Rock climbing wouldn't be a bad idea either. Susan and I were tossing around the idea of doing a formal a full dressed-up occasion. That'd be one of the few times that I really wouldn't mind dressing up in my suit again. As uncomfortable as it is to me, it would be worth it to share the experience with close friends :)

One another note, i've started thinking about advancing my music talent. Specifically, i'm going to try to get my name out there a bit and see if I can get to play at any local events. My mixing skills have come a long way from when I started back in school, and I think i'm ready for some real trials. I don;t care if I do it for free...I like to play music :) It's one of the few things in this existance that makes me really happy. And if I can make others happy while doing it, its that much better!

The small cities entry will come eventually. But I think I may stick to writing about more recent events for the next little while. Until things really get back to normal, that is. TTFN :)

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