from the short-installment department.
written by alan on January 22, 2002

Music: Etienne De Crecy - Am I Wrong (extended cut)

Too tired to write too much tonite....i'll make it brief. I've set the date to write my A+ hardware exam. It will be monday at 11:00am in London. Hopefully i'll be more confident with the laser printer stuff this weekend. So far, its just myself, Mike and Ben who are writing. I must continue working on my journal display code, but when that will happen I cannot say. :)

Its official. I have moved into a 90's phase. And by 90's, I mean early 90's. 1990 - 1995...maybe 96. I'm downloading early 90's dance floor hits like mad. Ahh, it takes me back...and apparently, it takes Rob back too. The likes of Bizarre Inc. and CeCe Peniston are gracing my speakers for the next while, so you're bound to see some classics appear in the music header for days to come.

I'll have a rant about school for tomorrow's entry. Until then....

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