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written by alan on September 04, 2006

I'm tired. Physically exhausted. They keep me going and going without much of a break. :) I shouldn't really complain, though. At least I'm busy. So far, it's been interesting; and i've barely been here 2 complete days. I've met several new people, seen new places, and experienced a few new things since the last time I was here. Jennifer has changed a little bit...for the good, that is. She knows slghtly more of what she wants, and she's lost a little of her childish, immature attitude. Apparently she's been with a decent number of men since I was last here. She learned a thing or two about relationships. Then again, so have I, I'm still learning, too. Undoubtedly, I'll learn more this week than I had planned on.

They are simpler people, down here. More traditional and closed-minded than those I keep regular company with. Not saying I can;t handle that, but it's a change. I've had to seriously hold my tongue a few times. My views on some of the ways these people have might be a bit much for them to handle. So, I try to keep my mouth shut and let people think I'm "normal" or as close to that as they'll allow. I'm really not all that different. I simply have a different view of the world and how I should live it.

I met someone today who I'm not fond of. One of Jennifer's exes, actually. He's an army man, younger than I am. He cracked a few jokes at the expense of my being Canadian. Now, being Canadian, I can take a joke about my country. I have no problem with that at all. What I have a problem with is hearing the jokes consistently and constantly. I held my tongue from saying anything against Americans. Remember, I want most people to be able to talk to me, not hate me for my views. Like i said earlier, they are more closed-minded down here. He wanted to arm-wrestle me. Quite badly, I might add. I was hesitant since I couldn't figure out what he was trying to prove. Oooo...he's an army man. Big deal. So you went and helped fought a battle somewhere. Does that mean you automatically get my respect? Hell no. Does winning against me in arm-wrestling make you any better? Of course not. Frankly, it sickened me. His ego was pretty damn big as well. It didn;t surprise me to learn that Jennifer pined over this guy about the same that I pined for her at one point in time.

I also met someone who I wouldn't mind dating if it wasn't for her smoking habit. I was introduced to her last night at the bar and I found her pretty attractive. She certainly has a brain in her head and she knows how to use it. The _second_ i saw her light up, i lost respect for her. I immediately didn't want to know her much more nor did I want to ask her to dance or do much else for that matter. It's unfortunate, but I don't like people who smoke. It simply doesn't do it for me. Why a person with a brain would voluntarily want to slow kill themselves is beyond me. So much so that it is unattractive. Rather than persue her any further myself, I encouraged another guy I met up with yesterday to go for it. They seemed to enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.

It would be interesting to have a short-lived relationship with someone down here. Not exactly a one night stand, but get to know them a bit, potentially try something physical, or maybe just enjoy a night together. It's not what I need, but it's something to experience. I'm an attractive, sensible person with a brain in his head. Plus, the foreigner factor plays on the positive side as well. :) Having sex with a Canadian might be something to get people talking. We're pretty nice people after all.

We saw "The Illusionist" today. I LOVE that movie. The love subplot was excellent. The effects were marvellous...and the theater seats were the best that I've ever sat in. They were well padded and actually reclined! :) The price was reasonable as well. Definately a good experience there. I shall have to buy that movie when it comes out on DVD.

What tomorrow brings, I do not know. We shall see what they have in store for me then.

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