To Be Or Not To Be
from the in-class department.
written by alan on August 23, 2002

Music: Iio - Rapture (Armin van Buuren Mix) / John Johnson - Hong Kong

As i sit in class and waste away yet another afternoon which could be better spent learning this course, i find myself thinking of writing more and more in here. So be warned, you may see multiple entries for a single day depending on how bored I get. :)

I've pretty much finished studying my textbook for my next cert exam. So now i'll be taking a look at a few braindumps to get an idea of the layout of questions that i will face. Ron, a fellow classmate, tells me that this particular exam is pretty simple in comparison to others that I have written and that i should have no troubles making it through. We shall see...he'll prolly be right tho. After that its on to my second last cert test of which i should be among the first few to take.

Last night was decent. Rick came down from Oakville to visit for the week, so we all gathered together for the usual coffee, but this time at a not-usual place. Our old stomping ground Tim Hortons Coffee is where we ended up. There was a time that a whole gang of us would end up at this one coffee shop every night for about 3 years straight. We practically ran the place. Times have changed since the larger group split up and went their ways however. Those of us left over from the big group have banded together and taken up refuge in another coffee house to which we venture twice a week. Getting back on track, we sat around and talked about our respective post-secondary educations. Specifically, how many people were caught stupidly cheating on tests and exams. Boy, did we have stories to tell! And you'll hear none of them here.... ;)

One more hour until this boring-as-hell class gets out. Then its off to work, and then to dinner for my departing grandmother who'll be flying back to South America on Friday morning. Until later...

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