from the peace-at-last department.
written by alan on October 01, 2002

Music: Fila Brazilia - Subtle Body / Blue Six - Love Yourself

All i can say in retrospect is, 'wow'. The walk i just came back from was nothing short of the most peaceful hour i've spent in my life. Let's set the 'way back' machine for 60 minutes, shall we? :)

After taking a short nap after returning from work (and eating dinner...the most important thing), i decided to load up my mp3 player and go for my nightly walk a bit early. Tonite's selection was 'William Orbit - Pieces In A Modern Style'...and i couldn;t have picked a better album. Think classical pieces re-written with a modern electronic style to them...pure heaven. So as I began my trek towards the beach at the end of a nearby major street, i noticed that a patch of very dark and omnious clouds were lurking in the distance. At first this kinda got to me as I didn;t think i'd be able to finish my walk because of the impending rain. However, this proved not to be the case. As i ventured further, the soft melodies playing in my ears instilled a sense of calm as the skies slowly darkened. And lo, a cool breeze started to pick up, which made all the difference. I swear i could have walked with my eyes would have made it that much more pleasurable. When i got close to the beach, i noticed subtle lightning in the distance. I've always liked a good lightning show...and on this occasion it was spectacular.

On the way back from the beach, a very inspiring piece started playing. Largo from Xerces by G.F. Handel. This piece was pure bliss. Now I can really appreciate classical pieces....amy, you're so right :) Just letting my mind wander with this one was golden...i swear i was about to shed tears it was so emotional....*sigh*. True, the whole excursion would have been infinitely better with a companion to share it all with...but it was pretty damn good as it was. This is probably the most happy i've been in recent years. Music truly is the key to happiness...and i'll never stop listening. After all, its what i do best :)

In other news, i'm almost ready to send off the little package of things I told Molly i'd send to her. She was in need of a couple pieces of software to help with her music hobby, so i gladly obliged and collected them for her. As well, i'll be including a few carefully selected tracks for her to hear...just to spread music around. Jenn, on the other hand, will be receiving something a little more special. I don;t want to spoil the surprise by telling you all...since i know you read this, jenn ^^. I know you'll like it. That is, if i can find this object. Jenn will also be receiving some hand selected tracks from my collection as well as one of my personal mixes. She did say that she was curious as to my now she will get a taste. When i get to actually go and see her, i'll have to bring my decks so i can do a special little set for her. That, my readers, will be an amazing matter what comes of it. :)

So the rest of tonite will be study...unless wes wants to do something. Then it'll just be a little studying...but i'm not rushing this last exam. I want to know the material well.

Until later...

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