from the 24-hour-bug-my-ass department.
written by alan on May 22, 2003

Music: Daft Punk - Live on Europe 2 (1996)

Ugh. The last couple days have been terrible. I've had this stupid bloody 24-hour bug, which incidently has turned into a 48-hour bug and may even be a 72-hour bug. Combine stomach cramps with general tired-ness and the drive to do absolutely NOTHING...then maybe you'll get to where i feel. To sum it up in one word: awful.

I'm hoping this goes away by this weekend. May.23-25 is DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) in (where else?) Detroit. It's a free festival of the most talented electronic DJ's and artists in the world. I've waited two years to get a chance to attend it, too. So, hopefully i can find enough people to join me for a few hours of electro music :) It promises to be an interesting event.

In other (more pressing) news, I have finally purchased my plane tickets for my holiday this summer. This time its 8 days in sunny (and humid, apparently) Missouri. :) I can hardly wait! Both Molly and Jenn have been scheming for my return...and that has worried me some ^^;; I don't quite know why, but i still get nervous whenever i'm around them. I'm sure we'll all have a fun time tho. Jenn has made it quite clear that i'll be joining her and molly in the pool during my stay. Well, who am I to argue? :) I still have reservations about that, but when you have no choice the reservations take a back seat. Molly promises she'll go easy on me because of my knee, which means she'll only start tackling me in the pool. Let's hope its not to hard, eh? :)

A couple weeks ago I received the pictures from the wedding I attended earlier this year. Both Molly and Jennifer are absolutely stunning. (Jenn especially...^^) I only wish i hadn't closed my eyes for the one picture. I look like such a fool :) I also hadn't noticed (until now) just how much taller I really am than the both of them. I'm at least a foot if not more taller than Molly, and about a half of a foot taller than Jenn. Heh, blame American milk companies for adding growth hormones a few years back. I'm a sucker for a tall, cool glass of milk. I'll drink it anytime! Most....refreshing....ever.

I suppose this week has been alright...all things considered. We shall see what the weekend brings.

peace :)

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