from the no-time-to-lose....seriously! department.
written by alan on September 18, 2002

Music: Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix) / The Taste Experience - Highlander

Since my parents left for their 2 week vacation on monday, i've had even less time to do anything for myself...including writing my journal. I go to school, then work, then i walk, then i study, then i do chores, then i sleep. When the fsck do i get to do stuff i like?! At least there's no arguments in the house...and no one telling me things 2 bzillion times over. My sister and I have reached a happy medium with keeping the house clean, etc. I stay out of her way, and she stays outta mine. Its much more efficient than how it usually is with my parents constantly ordering us around and wanting things done on their crappy schedule. I'm totally enjoying ths aspect of their vacation. :)

Not much has happened in the last few days, tho. I've begun studying for my final cert exam, and have spent much time out with wes just chatting about whatever. It seems that he's become interested in getting his MCSE as well...and this from the guy who wouldn;t have anything to do with microsoft at one point. Welcome to the real world, dude. Not everyone runs Unix...although it would be really cool if everyone did ;)

The official news: jenn is a g33k :) (you r0ck, jenn!) I always knew she had some in her. She prolly wasn;t comfortable letting that show very much. But now, she has come out of the proverbial closet with it...and i'm glad. Thats just one more thing about her that i like. Thinking about jenn also got me thinking about molly's wedding, which i may be attending. Specifically, i thought about the post ceremonial dancing. While on the surface this sounds like nothing special, but it'll definately be a little wierd. I've dreamt about dancing with jenn...molly too. To actually see these (brief) dreams realized will be very interesting. I often wonder how jenn is in real life...face to face. There are certain things i've come to expect of her regarding her behaviour, but i certainly won't be surprised if she's totally different on the surface. Indeed it will be intriguing. And for the record, no, i will _NOT_ dance to the bloody chicken dance. NEVER! ;)

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