We Are The Music Makers
from the dreamers-of-dreams department.
written by alan on August 27, 2002

Music: Sasha - Airdrawndagger (the whole album ;)

At least for the time being, my head has calmed. Music once again saved my proverbial 'ass' from some sort of psychotic episode. The depression will still stay with me for a day or so more, but it won;t be as bad. I think what i'll do here is make a couple fundamental shifts. Keep to myself more, cut down on the food (already a work in progress), and keep up the daily exercise. The raw emotion can take a back seat. I have my life to begin, and its not going anywhere without more attention. I'll solicit no more attention from others, i can handle the lack thereof. Things may become boring, but its for the greater good. I can't allow my existance to be wasted away by rampant emotional responses and failed attempts at companionship. It ends here.

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