Weddings II
from the happy-events-in-one's-life department.
written by alan on September 01, 2007

Weddings are always hard for me. There, before my eyes is a beautiful display of love that I can only dream of having. I thought I'd get that far with mika, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. Justin and val are so happy together. I wish I was that happy again. I miss it so very much. Unfortunately, at a wedding it is hard to avoid the songs that we used to dance to. So, here I am, "taking a break" outside while the rest of them continue to enjoy their evening. People (including val, jokingly I assume) think I should hook up at this event. But from what I've been told, I should not make this my primary focus since I'll apparently never achieve it. Sure there are single women here...attractive ones at that, but I guess it's just not my lot to get one and keep one. Yeah, I sound defeatest, but put yourself in my shoes! Would you not think the same after all? It's a bleak world out there. I simply have to sit by and let whatever happen, happen. The waiting game, indeed... Heh...even after all this, she still finds a way to creep back into my head. Curse you, woman. I know you'll never stop. I miss you...

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