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written by alan on August 02, 2003

Music: Autechre - VL AL 5 / Squarepusher - Do you know Squarepusher? / Brothomstates - vs. bill yard

Today I was reminded of a reason that I hate weddings. If I set aside all the happiness that is felt for the parties involved, I am left with one lingering emotion. Well, maybe a few lingering emotions. Most prominent of all would be sadness. If the two people up there are that happy, why can't I be? I don't feel happiness like people in that situation do. I wish I did...or even that I could. The closest I've come would be a sincere feeling of satisfaction. I'm just 'satisfied' with things...never really happy.

What brought all this on, you ask? A few of us went to see American Wedding today. That's what brought it on. Aside from the comedic value of the film, it was just one big wedding. Truth be told, I had no desire to relive the feelings that come along with weddings. I thought it best to humour my friends and join them anyhow. I should have saved my money. Until it happens to me, I shall never like weddings. If it happens to me, that is...

Tonight I have availed myself to be Amy's DD for her birthday festivities. I never know what to get my friends for their birthdays, so I figure this kind of present will always be appreciated. I'll still get to have a couple myself, but this way I can see how trashed she well as contributing to her drunken state. Happy Birthday, Amy :)

Tomorrow I will continue to sort out my plethora of audio CDs. Then I will have everything in order to begin practicing for my live gigs. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time now...and there's no time like the present :)

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