You bring light in
from the two-months-off department.
written by alan on August 05, 2002

Music: Orbital - Nothing Left (Breeder Remix)

The decks have cometh. And all was suddenly right with the universe :)

My decks arrived on friday, and i promptly started my practicing. The so-called 'instant-start' was not anywhere near instant most of the time, but i guess thats the price i pay for not spending buttloads of ca$h on the top-of-the-line hardware. On a brighter note, i'm getting the hang of this thing pretty quickly and i'll soon be ready to crank out my first recorded mix using real decks. I hope this one wins me at least a 3rd place in the next compo.

And whats with the shoe-show anyways? If by shoe-show, i mean the peelers. you know, the male ballet....the strippers, if you must. I never quite understood the attraction. Sure, i've been there once. It was interesting the first time. What hit me the most was the amount of underground tracks they play in there. When i heard the Empirion mix of Prodigy - Firestarter, i was like 'yeeeeeah!'...its like, these people have class. Now, i know that last statement won't sit right with everybody, but its the music that gets me going, not the seductive array of flesh-coloured objects...although they do help too :) So here i am, getting happily soused on sauce at the local club (read: bar), when everyone decides to leave for the peelers. And just when i was about to do the unthinkable and actually dance to r'n'b! The conclusion? Well, needless to say I was not in the mood - nor the right frame of mind - to watch the nightly (and daily, i believe) dance of the clothing deprived, so i asked to be taken home. The next night i found out that one of the people in my circle of friends - whose original idea it was to attend the show - decided to leave like 10-15 minutes after they got there. Whats with that? Hell, i would have stayed with them if i had known he was going to leave. But i digress.

Now i also heard that jenny was uncomfortable there. This actually surprised me as I thought she was kinda into it like amy is. This just made me more curious about her. I wouldn't mind knowing whats going on in that brain of hers. Its quite an intriguing prospect. But, i suppose thats better left for another time.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end. The beginning of my last 3 months at school. Hopefully, i'll be able to breeze thru this so i can get on with my life. there's so many things i have to start doing with this existance. i.e. making some $$...getting my own place, etc, etc....the list continues ad-infinitum. Until tomorrow...

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