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from the shut-my-mouth-wide-open department.
written by alan on November 25, 2001

Stop the presses! The unthinkable has happened. As improbable as it seems, my sister has actually asked me for advice on something. And its about guys! I hope youíre as shocked as I am...cuz Iím shocked. This is indeed a dramatic turn of events. And just a few weeks earlier she wouldnít have it if I talked about her (newly discovered) boyfriend. What is this world coming to? Could she be (*gasp*) growing up? Only time will tell. But nevertheless, it appears that their one-month anniversary is coming up and she needed gift advice. And it also appears that heís into Transformers. Well, she lucked out this time. Ben was telling me that he has all the Transformers episodes on CDs, so what better idea than to get a hold of them. Christina was ecstatic. And, since Iím recording this momentous occasion, its only right that I also record that fact that she owes me _bigtime_ for this.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the living, I got my parentsí basement wired finally and all is in working order. I know how Wes so much wanted to be here to learn how this shit works himself, but Amyís worth it. :) And besides, thereís 7 more ports on my patch panel that he can try wiring up for himself, so thereís still an opportunity to learn. Unfortunately tho, he hasnít returned my call this evening, so I assume that coffee is out of the question for tonite. Maybe Iíll call him again now......nope, not there. Either his train hasnít gotten in yet, or someoneís calling long distance and refuses to answer the beep. Not that I can really argue with thatÖit is a long distance call which is costing money. *pause for laundry* And another call to him reveals why heís not there. His trainís not in. Why the hell does he take such a late train when heís got work in the morning? I donít think Iíll ever understand that about him.

Iím listening to a live set from Autechre (thatís Ďawe-tek-errí for the phonetically illiterate) recorded a couple months ago. These guys know their stuff, I gotta say. Very creative beats. *sigh* A week full of Microsoft Project 2000 awaits in the morning. How can one not be anything short of totally happy to spend another week of their life bored to hell.

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