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written by alan on September 02, 2002

Music: Sasha - Wavy Gravy / Mr.Tiddles

The last few days have certainly been tiring for me. *yawns* On Friday, wes invited me to go sailing on his brother's boat with amy, aisling and a friend of hers. It had certainly been a long time since I had been out sailing, but it was interesting nonetheless. I must admit, i was a bit uncomfortable being out on the water...after the previous few days, i was uncomfortable doing just about anything. Thankfully, those days have passed and things are slowly returning to a relative normality. I dunno if i've told anyone this, but Jamie (wes' brother) is one smart cookie. The guy's got a head full of interesting stuff and it was pretty cool listening to him articulate it. As well, he taught me how to play backgammon. I'd seen dave play this game many times up at school, but i didn;t really pay too much attention to how its played. Needless to say, i came within one move of beating him, which was surprising for me. :)

Last night was pretty cool also. Wes, Amy, and myself took a trip to Pine Knob (now called the DTE Energy Music Center) outsite Detroit to see The Tragically Hip. They absolutely rocked. It was so much better than the performance here in sarnia. I mean they were good here too, but the sound and stage setup here was absolute crap. At Pine Knob, the setup ws fantastic and the sound was amazing. Truly, it was an excellent night.

The horrid thoughts which plagued my mind for the past while have subsided. However, to my dismay, they have been replaced with a different, yet familiar set of thoughts. The lonliness is there, but the intense wanting has been replace with simple longing. I'm still certain that what I need more than anything is a companion. Searching for one usually prove fruitless, however. So I shall sit and wait. Don;t get me wrong tho...i'll be doing other things in the mean time, like working on my mixing, etc. Concentrating on music (and school as well) should be a good enough diversion from the rest of life's little downs.

On another note, after going against very close advice, i have tried to open a dialogue with jenn once more. She wasn't very receptive...but then again, i didn;t expect she'd be. She's apparently going thru a crappy time too. My door is always open for a conversation. There's nothing I like more than having a good discussion about anything. If any of you out there wanna debate something...anything...please drop me a line :) I love alternate viewpoints...its how i form my own opinions and how i ultimately share my view with others. My views may be harsh at times, but i'm always open to other ideas or ways of thinking. Just remember, i don;t bite. :)

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