in the mode
from the depeche-mode department.
written by alan on August 13, 2002

Music: Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling/Olson (v3)/XYZ

That 'mode' i spoke of earlier? I believe i have reached it. I studied 4 whole chapters in one night....dayam! So, now i just have to reschedule my test and I may be able to write this thing in 2 weeks after all. Then its time to go for NT Migration, which went surprisingly well today in class. The one lab we had kinda botched up for me due to instructor server problems, but i learned a great deal that i missed while not paying attention. Hey, what can i say? I learn better by doing than by someone talking to me. The sheer time i spend playing around with my many boxen is indication enough that i learn by example.

Tomorrow we do the lab day. And what fun that will be. Having everything dictated to me by a couple of my classmates sounds just so terribly fun that i can hardly bear it. Seriously, many people were voicing their distaste with having a couple people in the class handle the class-wide activities. I know at the time we decided on this little move, no one cared to protest. Only when we might actually have to do work is when we protest. And i feel for what Lisa will go thru tomorrow. She's probably the most misunderstood person in the class (next to yours truly). Its true that she does let a part of her shine most that shouldn't. She likes to take the reigns a bit too seriously. This drives people up the wall and generates negative responses from many. I hope i haven't given off any negativity towards that tho. I try to remain neutral towards her as I know she doesn't need one more person being negative. I just wish she'd open up a bit more and relax. Dealing with problems thru other people has its disadvantages. This is one of them.

On another note, my mixing is coming along nicely. I'm trying my best to get practice time in every day so I can make a glorious comeback to the TA compo. I'll have to listen to much more music in the coming weeks in order to make a good impression. Until next time tho....

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