lightly chilled
from the surrender-yo-mind department.
written by alan on August 20, 2002

Music: Underworld - Sola Sistim / Twist

All i can say is 'wow!'. After just getting my hands on a copy of underworld's new album, i am totally amazed. Their sound is now better than ever. And the two tracks above are the ones that get my vote for best of the album. I immediately burned off a copy of the album and went for a walk so I could take a listen to the new sounds of an excellent electronica group. When Sola Sistim first hit my ears, i knew it was a keeper. If i could recommend any track to you all for a good chill-out, that would be it. I dare ya to take a listen for yourself. It'll take yer mind for a ride :)

I'm getting back into the previously-spoke-of 'mode' since i got pulled away from it over the last few days. My thoughts are beginning to settle and all is calming down enough so I can concentrate on getting another pesky exam out of my way. I'll have to do my best a burying the single guy thoughts for a while, although that may be tougher than i think! Lately i've been finding it very hard to concentrate on school, and microsoft exams, and work. I've done practically nothing at work all last week, and this week is looking no different. I simply do not have the energies to handle everything at full strength. Perhaps an injection of coffee would help? ;)

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