no rest
from the weary department.
written by alan on September 06, 2002

Music: Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Sea Side Mix) / Paul Van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit

*sigh* Well today ends another long week. And i'm still not done working on stuff. I've still got cert exams to study for, class projects to work on, and that pesky side project to start. That one's gonna take a chunk of my time to complete. But anyways, tonite i'm just gonna chill. There's no one to go out and do stuff with tonite as wes is in london visiting amy and everyone else doesn't do much anyhow. I thought i'd settle in and watch a movie on the dish, or maybe just play some deep music and lose myself in thought. Who knows what tonite will bring :)

Lately, its been hard not to notice a few regular visitors to my journal (you know who you are). I invite you to drop me a line with some feedback on the site and its content. Even if you have no feedback, write me anyways! :) I need e-mail people. If anonymity is your game, i guess i'll have to put up an anonymous comments page for you all to give me some feedback without there'd be any anyways. :) I do enjoy constructive really helps me make things better around here.

On a happier note, it appears that someone may have found my stolen cd-wallet from a few days ago. I guess my unorthodox music taste doesn't please many around here...which is a 'Good Thing(tm)'. Hopefully my cd's will return unscathed. In either case, I have learned to always check that my car doors are locked. It was this one incident of unlocked doors which caused my cd's to get lifted in the first place. I should know by monday whether they have returned. Here's hoping for the best. :)

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