the cycle continues
from the loop-de-loop department.
written by alan on September 08, 2002

Music: Fantastic Plastic Machine - Steppin' Out / Dear Mr. Salesman

The end of another weekend...yay. Another boring week of school awaits. And the worst part? I can't work my 2 full days i get off from school since i have an exam this coming friday. I suppose i'll just have to put off buying that router for a little longer. The weekend was pretty uneventful anyways. I did manage to get in some good mixing practice tho, and to top it all off i've made 2 new recordings. My first recorded house sets...and i'm pleased with them :) The actual sound isn;t that great (bad soundcard), but i'll remedy that soon as I have to make a trance mix for the tranceaddict compo. :)

I've also heard that my ISP may be implementing transfer caps. This will totally suck. I depend on the no transfer limit to fuel my music collection as well as my little ftp server for all my friends. If this happens, i'll just have to switch to a local high-speed ISP so i can keep up. Many of us in this area are hoping that the caps never happen...the big ISP's know that they'll lose quite a few customers if they do this. I guess they don;t care....their loss :)

Next weekend i'll be having my 'bash-o-rama' part IV :) I usually have a little shin-dig every summer (and winter) for my friends and acquaintances. It gives everyone a chance to unwind and have well as a chance for me to show off my music talents. I know most of the people here don;t like it when i spend too much time DJ'ing, but its what i like doing. And apparently DJ's are supposed to be really good at parties, so... :)

Until tomorrow...

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