things that make you go hmm
from the one-hit-wonder department.
written by alan on August 20, 2002

Music: P.I.M.P. - The Light (DJ Vibe Mix) / Pound System - Never Come Down (Dark Alley Mix)

I write to you from the desk that resides in my classroom at school. There seems to be a lull in the teaching today which has allowed me to collect some thoughts and jot them down. :)

A quick follow up from saturday night...we didn;t really do anything, as expected. The lot of us - sans hank - appeared at the coffee lodge for the usual drink 'n chat that happens about twice a week. After the standard chats about stuff that was going on in each of our lives, we proceded to the local club (read: bar) to possibly partake in some nightlife fun. This, of course, never really happened. We got in (at the expense of $3 for cover) and proceded to find an area to sit in. The next hour or so went by with us simply listening to the mindless rap music being belted over the speakers and watching the re-broadcast of satellite TV which the club owners decided to display. uh, hello? i could have done this at home and saved my ass 3 bucks! The twins were their usual quiet selves...never trying to start a conversation, never wanting to get up and dance. After they eventually got up and left, the three of us sat around for a little while longer and proceeded to leave also. another night (and another $3) wasted. pardon me whilst i jump for joy....

Yesterday, whilst reading my daily web-comics - which i shall post in the links section very soon - i chanced upon a comic which again brought up the issue of being single again. It gets me every time. I get to thinking of how wonderful it must be to experience a little romance in one's life. Even the feeling of true companionship between two people. I mean, aren't couples just really good friends anyways? Then i get to thinking if its really necessary to conform to society's expectations in order for me to fill that perpetually empty void. Sure i need to get in shape. I try to rationalize it for health reasons...and on a certain level, that's a correct viewpoint. But in another reality, its so i can look 'respectable' to the available females that may cross my path. Why the hell do looks have to matter, anyhow? Anyone that says that looks don't matter to them, or that they don't matter very much is talking out their ass. They're the ones who feel the push to conform the most...myself included. I've always wanted looks to not matter. It would be so much easier then. But that would undermine the universal 'life isn't easy' rule. No one can have it truly easy. Ever. This also sickens me.

On another note, my plans to travel to markham and see Johan Gielen - famed german DJ - will be cancelled. There's just too much going on that day. If it was on the weekend, like saturday, then i'd surely go. But the strain on me just isn't worth it. So instead i'll prolly just so what i did last weekend, which was basically nothing but waste time & money. ain't life grand? ;)

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